This Apulian Inspirational shooting was a creative concept that me and Tommaso Torrini from La Rosa Canina had in mind for a long time. We are in this business for quite a long time and we thought that we needed a fresh start. We decided to put together a theme that was the exact reflection of our aesthetics combined: my love for clean and limpid images with his creative estro for floral composition. We gathered together a bunch of other creative minds that gave us the possibility to work with stunning locations and insanely beautiful couture italian gowns. We tried to shake the classic idea of wedding not only portraying two girls celebrating their love, but also with the idea of an organic, eco friendly wedding that we think every modern bride can relate to. Basically, the strong point of this inspirational shooting is combining the italian tradition of home, food and fashion with a modern and edgy conception of celebrating love.

Production: Laura Frappa from Exclusive Italy Weddings -www.exclusiveitalyweddings.com  // Creative direction : Tommaso Torrini from La Rosa Caninawww.larosacaninafioristi.it // Styling: Sabrina Poli -http://www.sabrinapoli.it/  // Make Up Artist: GIulia Cresci -http://www.giuliamakeup.com/wedding.html  // Venue: Masseria Potenti -www.masseriapotenti.it // Candles: Creative Candles - www.creativecandles.com // Calligraphy and watercolor - SHHH my darling - www.shhhmydarling.com // Dresses: AMEN Style - www.amenstyle.com // Table accessories: Fiorir√† un giardino - www.fioriraungiardino.com