Lisa Poggi
Fine Art Wedding Photography



where are you based?

I live in Florence, Italy. Tuscany is my home and I can say that I know Tuscan light better than myself!

Do you travel for weddings?

YES! Please drop me a line at and we can make it happen! I have a true love for Cape town and South Africa, so please ask me to join you there!

How many languages do you speak?

I am fluent in italian and english (even though sometimes I speak like a crazy italian with a thing for gesture. Sorry about that.) with some knowledge of french.

Do you work alone?

I usually work alone. I try to be as less as intrusive possible during the event, so I try to keep it simple. Sometimes I will need an assistant, especially if you'll decide to go along with the Film package or your guests number is higher than 60 pax. Every wedding is different, so please drop me a line at so I can make the perfect quotation that will fit your needs.


How do we book you?

To reserve a date, I request a signed contract and a 40% deposit. 

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is trough my contact form here or by writing at 

Do you personally edit your photographs?

Absolutely. The package you'll choose will be curated by myself from the signing of the contract to the delivery. When it comes to weddings, I think that you choose a wedding photographer for her/his vision and that doesn't stop at the shooting. The real signature comes as soon as i choose, edit and mount the final product. Coherency is one of my strongest feature and to achieve that, I need to be in charge of the shooting and the editing. 

How many imaged do we receive? Can we have all the RAW images?

This depends on the wedding event. My standard Full Day Package include from 500 to 800 edited photos. I do not release all the RAW images.

Do you have any suggestions about wedding vendors such as wedding planners, floral designers or venues?

Sure! I have tons of valid coworkers in wedding industry to suggest. 

When will we receive our photos?

The delivery time is max 3 months. It will however depend on the season.

Can we customize our photo service?

Yes, please! I would love to hear your plans for a sunrise session or maybe a stunning vineyard tour! I also offer weekend packages and honeymoon photo sessions.