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My name is Lisa, and I am a wedding photographer since I was 21 years old. Yep. Long-time. I was a biology student back then, and I was searching for a summer job. I always loved photography, thanks to my dad, who had filled our child home with photos. I was young, so I thought, why not? I started working as the second shooter for a few years, and each and every year, my passion grew. I moved to Bologna during a long and cold winter to start an internship in one of the most important Italian photography studios. I’ve worked with studio equipment, film and digital cameras, I’ve mounted countless flashes and banks and edited tons of little (and big) wrinkles. I’ve had the honor to work with amazing photographers in such different fields: portrait, fashion, architecture, still life... During those long months, in between pizza lunches and long editing nights, I built what I call a visual awareness, I basically learned how to look.

I started my own business in wedding photography well aware that this photography field was my favorite. I loved the studio nights, surrounded by cables, tripods, dust, and silence. But my real passion was, and forever will be people. Every individual has something inside. Something that awaits to be portrayed. I will always be fascinated by architectural and landscape photography, and I love to incorporate those things in my work. But there is nothing like seeing a happy human being through my camera, and being there to witness it.


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